NOTICE: I have a newer pencil kit than the one described on this page.
With it, you can get all the supplies I personally use and provide in my live drawing workshops.

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Primo Euro Charcoal Drawing Pencil Set

Featuring a Drawing by
J. D. Hillberry


I collaborated with General's Pencil Company to produce a special drawing kit that contains many of the pencils I use and recommend. The kit a picture of one of my charcoal and pencil drawings entitled "A String of Memories"

You can order these pencil sets along with other realistic drawing supplies directly from my store here:

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The Primo Euro Blend Charcoal Drawing set includes

(1) Primo Elite Grande 5000 Pencil: 
This brand pencil produces rich, dark values with no shine. Excellent for creating more contrast and realism. Students in my 2008 still life drawing workshop were able to test this pencil before it even became available to the general public. They gave rave reviews commenting on it's extremely smooth dark values.

(4) Primo Charcoal Pencils - (3  black, HB, B, 3B, 1 white):
I use these in my drawing workshops, The unique creamy formula lays down and blends easily. 

(4) Primo Sticks (3 black, 1 white):
Charcoal Sticks are great for massing in large areas and producing unique backgrounds.

(1) Magic Black Eraser:
This black eraser was formulated especially for charcoal. It does not smudge, cuts a clean edge and won't harm the paper.

(1) Kneaded Eraser:
This eraser can be formed into any shape. Use it to keep your drawings clean and highlights bright. I also use it to gently lighten areas to adjust values and create textures.

(1) All-Art Sharpener with Canister:
These are the same sharpeners we use in my drawing workshops. Designed to sharpen charcoal and carbon pencils without breaking and is able to sharpen the fatter pencils like the Jumbo Hex Carbon and the Carbon Sketch.

Add 3 more recommended pencils to the drawing kit

Carbon, Charcoal and Graphite Pencils

I have also contracted with General's Pencil company to offer three other pencils that I highly recommend. The Kimberly 9xxb Graphite, the Carbon Hard and the Carbon Sketch pencils are three drawing necessities that I simply couldn't do without. You have the option to include these 3 pencils when you order the drawing set. 

Kimberly 9xxb extra soft graphite pencil:
This extremely soft graphite became a hit in 2008 at my workshops. Although it is graphite, it doesn't create the dreaded "shine" of other soft graphite. Produces extra smooth black values. The wider core is "Carbo-Welded" to withstand four times the normal point pressure and the specially treated cedar wood casings sharpen easily in the sharpener that is included with the Primo set.

Generals Carbon Sketch Pencil
This pencil, along with the Carbon Hard below, is used to render the illusion of the masking tape in the "String of Memories" drawing. Combines the smoothness of graphite with the deep rich blacks of charcoal. The hardness is 4B.

Generals Carbon Hard (h) pencil: 
This is a harder version the Carbon Sketch. This is very similar to the General's 2h extra hard pencil and is great for creating the clean, dark, sharp edges found in much of my work. The extra hard core hard core hold an extremely sharp point without breaking or crumbling. Without this pencil, it would be impossible to create the sharp focus realism I'm known for.

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