About the JD Hillberry Drawing Workshops

All supplies are included! 

Class size is limited to maximize individual attention.

My drawing board has an attached HD camera that is fed to a large projection screen so the class can easily see the detail of the demonstrations.

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Workshop Schedule

If you have any questions about any of my workshops, please email me at
[email protected]

You'll see many examples of my work so you can see the degree depth and realism that is possible using my techniques. The goal is to get your work to have the same degree of realism and "pop". 



J. D. Hillberry

Maximum Class Size:


Primary Media:

Charcoal, Graphite, and Carbon Pencils on White Watercolor Paper.
Everything needed to complete the final project is included with the tuition and will vary depending on the subject of each workshop. These drawing materials will be waiting for you when you arrive and are yours to keep.


Tuition for 2024 is $498 for 3 days of instruction. The tutition cost for shorter workshops is lower.


If you have any question at all about my classes, please email me at:
  [email protected]

Comments from Previous Workshop Students:

"This was the best workshop I've ever attended. It was so nice to have the supplies provided so I had the tools for class without having to find each one. The techniques I learned will enhance every part of my art including painting."

"Very positive and encouraging. The one-on-one critique was very helpful as was the constant reinforcement as JD went student to student. The over all attitude was light and fun and time flew!"

"I have learned more in this class than I have learned anywhere else. JD is a fantastic instructor and incredibly patient. I can't wait to take more workshops!"

"Many people can paint or draw exceptionally well – but most of them are not equipped to teach. This was not the case with J. D. – presented a very well thought out program – very easy to understand."

"Great course, lots learned in short time – will improve my portrait drawing. I will sign up for additional classes"

"Having taken art classes in drawing, this is by far the best instruction I’ve ever had. This was a first class affair! From start to finish. It is sad for the people who missed it."

"J.D. is very thorough and has a very good way of explaining things in an informal - relaxed atmosphere."

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