Student Work
Before and After

My workshops focus on using contrast, texture, and a wide range of values to create realistic looking drawings. Here are some photos of student's work before and after a 3 day workshop. I'll be adding more comparison photos like this in the future to help show the growth of my workshop participants. 



Here is a drawing that Josh from Maui did just before taking my class.


This is the drawing he produced after taking my three day workshop there. Amazing progress, Josh!



This portrait was drawn by Wendi  from Illinois before she took my workshop. It is a fine portrait, but it is lacking in depth and realism.


After three days at a recent rough skin portrait class you can see that Wendi incorporated my techniques for increasing contrast, texture, and value which enabled her to create a much more realistic looking drawing. 
Great Job, Wendi!



This portrait was drawn by Steve from California. He has the basics down but needed help with understanding light direction and shading.


This is Steve's work after attending one of my 3 day workshops. His work now has much more "pop" and realism. Well done, Steve!



This drawing was done by Lydia who flew all the way from Belgium to take my workshop.


After my workshop she was able to produce this beautiful portrait.  An amazing improvement and in my opinion it was well worth the long trip. She is now teaching my techniques in Belgium.




This drawing is from Joe from Massachusetts. It is a great likeness of Michael Cane, but Joe was lacking the knowledge of how to bump up contrast, and render believable skin texture.


This is a portrait that Joe completed after my workshop. The progress is remarkable.
Very Nice, Joe!


This drawing was done by Anne from Arizona. She had a lot of talent to begin with but in my opinion, it is more of a sketch than a finished drawing. It lacks the values that would make it "pop". 

This is Anne's drawing after taking my workshop. Notice how she was able to increase the contrast and give a much more realistic look.



This drawing is from Heidi before she took one of my portrait classes. I don't think this is a bad portrait at all but look to the right to see the fantastic job she did after!


This is her drawing after my class where we concentrated on emphasizing light, shadow and texture. Wonderful Job, Heidi!




Here is a drawing from Berni from Arizona. It is really well done but lacks value and contrast. 


After taking my class, she decided to do the same drawing again. This time, the portrait pops off the page. Great job, Berni!



This drawing is from Bryan from Florida. He shows a lot of talent here but he wanted to learn a more realistic style for his work.


This is after taking one of my workshops. He did a great job of creating the illusion of his drawing taped to a wooden background. 


This drawing was done by Steve E. from California before my class.

He completed this beautiful cat drawing after.


This drawing was done by Dennis from Hawaii. 

This was after one of my 3 day workshops.
 You did a great job, Dennis!


John from Washington did drawing this before...

and this one after a workshop. 
Amazing progress, John.


Here's one from Bryan from Florida. He has taken two classes from me so far and his progress has been amazing. He really captured the intense look of "Hook". 


This drawing was done by Bill Fidler in my rough skin portrait Class. Bill did a great job rendering the skin texture and creating a sense of roundness to the form.


Thom, from Seattle has taken several of my workshops and is now producing some really great artwork.  His use of charcoal for the hat and clothing add contrast which really frames the face nicely.


This is a self portrait that Ashley worked on in my "Bring Your Own Project" workshop. I'm so happy I was able to help her create such a wonderful drawing. What an amazing young artist! 



Here's one that was done by Holly after she took a workshop from me in Houston, Texas. Not only is the portrait great but I love the atmosphere in the background she created by using the blending techniques she learned in class.

This is another amazing drawing by Holly.



Gary from New Mexico  did portrait before my class. 

Here is a drawing after taking just one of my workshops. 


These are some other drawings from Gary.
Really nice job. You've made some amazing progress.


This portrait was drawn by Wendy V. in our smooth skin drawing workshop. What an amazing talent. Since this class she has taken several more and gotten even better!


Below are some photos of students work from my BYOP (Bring Your own Portrait) workshop. 

Students were allowed to bring any portrait to work on in class while I helped guide them along using my techniques. 


This self portrait was done by Laurie from Tennessee. Great Job Laurie!

This beautiful portrait of her grandfather was rendered by Mary from Texas. 



Both of these Portraits were completed by Fran from New York. 


She did a fantastic job in the class. 



This is the first portrait that Ellie has ever tried. She drew it from a very old photo of her mother in my November BYOP class. What an amazing job.


These drawings were rendered by Dave from Kansas. He has taken two of my workshops. The first is a portrait of a very recognizable person. The second drawing is a tromp l'oeil piece he did that actually fooled me for a minute. He had drawn the baby from the steps in my book and then added the illusion of the other elements. I actually thought the ruler was real when he asked me to hand it to him.  Even the stick note is an illusion. Great job Dave!


This beautiful portrait was done by Sandy in the BYOP class. She drew this from a photo she had taken in her travels. 
Fantastic Job, Sandy.

To see some pictures of this class taking place click
BYOP Class Photos 


The drawings below were done by students in my one of my Trompe l'Oeil workshops. They learned to realistically render metal, wood, paper, masking tape, and other fun textures. When framed, these drawings will appear to have the title card with their name is stuck in the frame.

This trompe l'oeil drawing was done by Berni Carney in my July 2010 class. She really did a great job with the contrasting textures.

My daughter, Taylor was able to take the class also. She is a senior in College majoring in art and also volleyball player. She has worn her lucky #8 since high school.


This one is from Lauren Nadler. She has taken several of my workshop and her improvement has been amazing. Great job in the trompe l'Oeil class, Lauren!



This still life drawing of a metal cup was done by one of my youngest students to take a workshop. This was done by Ethan, age 10, who came all the way from Australia with his father to take my workshop in Fort Worth Texas. Great Job, Ethan.

This is one of the latest drawing by Steve, from Houston. He used one of my new favorite pencils for the dark background on this one. It is the Promo Elite Grande 5000. Steve has really come a long way form his first workshop.



This drawing was done in my August, 2014 still life class by Cassie from Colorado. She is only 14 years old! This was her second workshop and her progress has been amazing. Good job Cassie!


In April, 2014, Nita, from Texas attended and this was her first workshop with me. She did a fantastic job recreating my "Onions and Garlic" drawing. 

This one was done by Brad from Alabama. He's taken several of my classes and did a great job in this one as well. 


Onions and Garlic - by Roxy

Here is Roxy's version of my Onions and Garlic Drawing she did in my August, 2015 Still Life Workshop. She did a Fantastic Job.

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