Where Do I Get My Inspiration?

Since 2007, I've been purchasing the Strokes of Genius series and it has been a fantastic source of inspiration and a valuable technical resource for me. Since that time, I've been fortunate enough to be included in Volumes 5 and 6 alongside some truly amazing talent. You can purchase these E-books through The Artist's Network from my affiliate links below.

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Strokes of Genius - Volume 6

Includes my drawing entitled "Go Fly a Kite", plus 140 other drawings depicting portraits, still lifes, figures, landscapes and animals. Incredible fresh-from-the-studio insight from the artists themselves. A variety of artwork depicted in mediums like pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, pastel and more.

Strokes of Genius - Volume 5

Includes my drawing entitled "Fooled", plus vivid photos of each of the 120 other drawings in this volume. You'll also find tips and quotes from each of the contributing artists about their drawing. You’ll benefit from the advice of 91 skilled artists in a wide variety of media and enjoy their unique designs and compositions.

 I refer to the "Strokes of Genius" series often for inspiration and to really "kick me in the butt" to put out my best work. 

I feel these books are a must have for any artist who is serious about drawing. There is nothing better than to see what the best of the best are doing, and gain some insight on how they are doing it. Looking at page after page of the most accomplished artists in world today, is one of the best ways I know to open your mind to the possibilities of this medium. 

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