Royal Bluff and Bridge Hand
Commissioned illusion of playing card hands

Royal Bluff

This is an example of an original drawing that people commission me to create. It looks like a real royal flush with "your name" on the Ace of Spades. This drawing will look even more realistic when it is hung indoors under artificial light.  The shadows I have drawn will match the real shadows cast by the frame.  The artwork is entitled "Royal Bluff" because I have tried to make you believe it is a real royal flush instead of a drawing.

Bridge Hand

This is the same type of drawing except with a very good bridge hand. 

Below is an example of how these drawing illusions look framed. The shadow box frame pushes the artwork back enhancing the illusion. There appears to be enough depth in the frame to contain the cards. The extra depth also create more of a real cast shadow on the artwork which matches the shadows I have drawn.  The result is an extremely realistic illusion.

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