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"Onions and Garlic"

This is one of the most thought out compositions I have ever done. I was adjusting the elements and lighting for three days before I even started drawing. Even some of the crumples in the bag were planned. My goal was to use the compositional techniques of 17th century Flemish classical realism to lead the eye through the piece. The dark areas of the bag serve as a contrasting background for the onions and garlic, and the interesting lighting effects on the shadow side of the bag create arrows that should lead the eye to the onion in the back. The background is lighter on the right side to create contrast with the shadow side of that onion. All this, just to make it look like my purchases from the market are waiting on my butcher block while I go look for a knife. By the way, I don't own a butcher block. I had to make that one up.

Classical Still Life - Onions and Garlic

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