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After the Critic”

This entire image was drawn, including all the tape, torn paper, and background mat board.  It is self-portrait that depicts what an artist has to do after a critic “rips them apart”.  The answer is to simply put your self back together. Artists are usually sensitive people to begin with, so I find it interesting that many people feel it is perfectly acceptable to tell an artist that their work is terrible. Even though artists need to tap into their sensitive side to access our creativity, we need to develop a way to keep a thick skin when it comes to critics. 

By the way, the print of this drawing has become extremely popular. Even though I was addressing what artists deal with, it has struck a chord with anyone that that has been unduly criticized. 

The original drawing of this image has sold, however, it is now available as a limited edition print. 

To reproduce the extremely  subtle value changes in this drawing I am using a new method of printing called a Piezograph Giclee. The result is a high quality reproduction that is nearly indistinguishable from the original drawing. This printing method is a little more costly than traditional off set lithography and but I feel the result is well worth it. You will swear that the tape, photo and string are three dimensional!

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